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Upholstery Foamy Cleaner

Upholstery Foamy Cleaner

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  • Effectively cleans carpets & upholstery
  • Foaming cleaning strength gently lifts dirt from the desired area
  • Safe For All Fabric Surfaces
  • Works instantly upon contact
  • Used by professional auto detailers
  • Aerosol spray 18oz

Cleaning your car upholstery can sometimes be frustrating. However, with a professional upholstery cleaner annoying stains can be removed making your car's interior more enjoyable to ride in. Even though many different possible stains are common when it comes to upholstery, the cleaning and removal of these stains should be handled in the same manner.

Removing a stain from your car upholstery should be handled carefully. You never want to spread the stain across your car seat. The first step is to spray Foamy upholstery on your car upholstery and wait a few minutes. Scrub the stain with a microfiber towel or brush. Then dry the stained upholstery with a clean cloth. Repeat until the stain goes away and you no longer see discoloration on the cloth you are using.

Once you have cleaned your car upholstery use a fabric protector to protect your upholstery from those annoying future stains. This process is easy and only takes minutes to apply. Cleaning your car upholstery will keep your car smelling fresh and make it more enjoyable to ride in, not to mention provide you with a higher trade in or resale value.

Directions: Shake well before using. Remove the cap and spray evenly over stained upholstery surface to be cleaned. Wipe clean with a dry towel.

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