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Detailing Brush - STIFF

Detailing Brush - STIFF

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Are you struggling to remove tough grease and dirt from your car’s body, engine, or wheels? Look no further than our Detailing Brush STIFF, the ultimate cleaning tool designed to tackle even the most stubborn grime with ease. With its hard bristles and resistance to strong chemicals, our brush is the perfect choice for all your tough cleaning needs.

Whether you’re dealing with persistent dirt on your car’s exterior or grease buildup in the engine bay, our Detailing Brush STIFF is up to the task. Available in a range of sizes, including 16, 24, 30, 40mm, this brush features a varnished plastic handle that ensures a comfortable grip and easy use for extended periods.

Please note that this brush should not be used on scratch-prone surfaces, such as car bodies, piano black elements, piano black rims, or gloss black. Transform your car cleaning routine with our Detailing Brush STIFF and experience the ultimate cleaning power today.

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