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Engine Dressing

Engine Dressing

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  • Engine Dressing protects and enhances a like new look on all engine components
  • Easy to use achieve a showroom engine look instantly upon application
  • Safe for all plastic components will not attract dust
  • Used by auto detailers and car dealerships
  • Made in USA
  • Lane's Engine Dressing includes sprayer for easy even application

Yearning to create the beautiful show car shine that you see in engine compartments at the auto show? Now you can keep your own engine bay looking equally as flawless with Lane’s Engine Dressing. This professional grade engine dressing is specially formulated for the entire engine compartment and yields incredible results that impress the true car fanatic.

Lane's Engine Dressing is easy to use and works instantly upon application. With a couple of sprays, you will have your engine bay protected and looking like it came off the show room floor. Pick up a bottle of Lane's Engine Dressing and give your engine compartment the love it deserves!

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