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Glass Cleaner & Glass Master Pro Window Cleaning Tool Kit

Glass Cleaner & Glass Master Pro Window Cleaning Tool Kit

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Say goodbye to frustrating window cleaning with Lane's Concentrated Glass Cleaner and Glass Master Pro.

With Lane's Glass Cleaner being safe for tinted windows and containing no ammonia, it effectively removes water spots and smoke film with its streak-free formula.

The Glass Master Pro's 14" comfort grip handle with a triangular pivoting cleaning head enables easy cleaning of hard-to-reach areas without discomfort.

It comes with two microfiber cleaning bonnets that are reusable, reversible, machine-washable, and replaceable. Get professional-grade results with Lane's products today!

Directions: For best results, dampen the Glass Master Pro’s desired bonnet with Lane’s Concentrated Glass Cleaner, and wipe desired area until clean. Resulting in a streak free shine!

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