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Heavy Duty Clear Coat Compound

Heavy Duty Clear Coat Compound

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  • Heavy Duty Clear Coat Compound
  • Removes light scratches, swirl marks, paint dulling & oxidation
  • Used by professional auto detailers
  • Made in USA
  • Lane's Heavy-Duty Compound includes flip top lid for easy even application

Lane’s Heavy Duty Clear Coat Compound is great for removing paint oxidation, swirl marks and light paint scratches. This professional auto detailing cutting compound is easy to use and is the first step when it comes to restoring your paint.

Are you tired of those annoying swirl marks? Now, you can remove them and improve paint dulling caused by UV rays from sunlight.  Lane's Heavy-Duty Compound is ideal for removing light auto paint scratches and the best option when preparing your vehicle for polishing. Pick up a bottle of Lane's Heavy-Duty Compound and restore your paint luster.

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