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Interior Shine Vinyl Conditioner

Interior Shine Vinyl Conditioner

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  • Professional grade auto vinyl conditioner restores the look and feel of vinyl
  • Ultimate protection provides UV protection preventing fading and cracking from sunlight
  • Easy to use formulated to condition and extend the life of your vinyl or plastic with one application
  • Silicone Free will not dry out your vinyl
  • Pleasant smell keeps your vinyl interior areas smelling fresh
  • Lane's Interior Shine includes a flip top lid for easy even application

Lane's auto interior shine conditions and protects vinyl. This UV protectant provides the ultimate protection against harsh sunlight, eliminating discoloration and cracking. If your vinyl or dash has been faded by the sun, then Auto Interior Shine is the product you are looking for. This interior protectant is easy to apply and remove. You do not have to worry about an oily feel like other products sold in retail stores. Now, you can prevent your dashboard and vinyl seats from cracking, while restoring its original color.

There are many advantages to using Lane's vinyl conditioner. However, the most important objective is to prolong the life of your vinyl. Without proper conditioning your vinyl will discolor or crack. The sunlight speeds up this process, drying your vinyl making it less flexible. Keeping your vinyl in like new condition will increase the resale value of your car and make riding in your auto more enjoyable.

Our vinyl conditioner is easy to apply and with just one application your vinyl areas will have the ultimate protection. Pick up a bottle of Lane's vinyl conditioner today and achieve the same professional results as detailers and dealerships.

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