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Lane's Car Detail Kit

Lane's Car Detail Kit

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Lane's Car Detail Kit Includes:

  • Super Blue
  • Gold Edition
  • Wash & Shine
  • Power Clean

Lane's car detail kit has everything your car desires, setting your car apart from other car fanatics. Now, you can use Lane's Wash & Shine, the most concentrated soap wax on the market. Your car will sparkle after every wash people will ask, how long did it take to get that deep luster shine? Just smile because the secret formula is in the soap. Wash & Shine dry with an even streak-free finish.

To increase the shine left behind from the concentrated soap, just apply Lane's Gold Edition, which spreads like butter, making sure every inch of your paint will have the ultimate protection. Gold Edition will protect your paint from harsh weather, letting you breathe whenever you see your beauty surrounded by unwanted rain, snow, or UV rays.

Let's continue there, it is time for the show. With just one application you will add the ultimate shine and protection, letting people know that you care as much about your tires as you do your paint. Introducing Super Blue Tire Shine, the original blue tire gloss, that professional auto detailers and dealerships have come to love. This is the best tire shine on the market guaranteed to give your tires a showroom look.

Now, that your outside looks like a show car, reach inside your car, with a couple of squirts of Lane's Power Clean, you can wipe away those annoying stains, letting your passengers know you are spreading your love to your interior. Power Clean does it all cleaning vinyl, plastic, and rubber. This kit packs a big punch, guaranteed to knock your car back to like new condition!




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