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Lane's Car Products

Lane's Carnauba Wax Kit

Lane's Carnauba Wax Kit

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Lane's Carnauba Wax Kit includes four products that work together to enhance the appearance of your vehicle.
First, use Lane's Nana Wax to clean and polish the paint, and bring out a brilliant shine.
Next, try Carnauba Supreme, a long-lasting Carnauba wax that is easy to apply and remove. It's perfect for black, red, or metallic lacquered paints or clear coats.
After that, apply Gold Edition to give your vehicle a superior finishing wax that provides a glossy shine to the protective foundation.
Finally, use Show Room Shine, a professional detail spray that is rated number one among professional detailers, to provide your vehicle with the final touch of class.


Lane's Carnauba Wax Kit Includes:

  • Show Room Shine
  • Carnauba Wax
  • Nana Wax
  • Gold Edition Wax
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