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Lane's Just Waxed Look Kit

Lane's Just Waxed Look Kit

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  • Professional Car Wash Soap
  • High Shine Spray Wax
  • Works as a Clay Bar Lubricant and to Shine Chrome, Glass, and Plastic 

For that just waxed look, use Lane’s Wash & Shine formulated with high concentrations of soap and wax and follow up with Lane’s Show Room Shine on paint, glass, chrome and plastic parts.

Wash & Shine concentrate allows you to wash your car in a fraction of the time, while the wax concentrate allows for a high shine and added protection after the wash. You will be amazed at the results you can achieve with Lane’s Wash & Shine soap.

Show Room Shine guarantees the “just waxed” luster look with professional quality results! Safe for all paints and clear coat finishes, the spray wax can also be used for all of your chrome, glass, and plastic parts. Give your vehicle the show room shine it deserves with the best car wax in a bottle!

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