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New Car Scent

New Car Scent

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  • New Car Scent
  • Best new car smell
  • No Staining can be used in all cars, trucks, and SUVs interiors
  • Long lasting new car fragrance
  • Water based scent
  • Made in USA
  • Lane's New Car Scent includes sprayer for easy even application

Lane's new car scent is formulated to bring back that new car smell upon application. This new car spray air freshener will keep your car, truck or SUV interior smelling fresh and new. New car scent works hard to break down unwanted odors and restore a long-lasting fragrance you will enjoy.

Just a few short weeks after of driving your new car off the lot, the new car smell is gone and in its place is a stale, used car smell— a smell we associate with coffee spills, gym bags, and pet dander. Now, you the car fanatic, can achieve the same results as professional detailers.

We include a sprayer in every order so you can be guaranteed to have an even application every time. Pick up a bottle of Lane's New Car Scent and make your car's interior smell new again.

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