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Renewit High Gloss Polish

Renewit High Gloss Polish

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  • Renewit High Gloss Polish
  • Removes oxidation and light paint scratches
  • Reduces water spots
  • Brightens paint to original Luster
  • Safe for all cars, trucks and SUVs clear coat paint finishes
  • Used by auto detailers and car dealerships
  • Made in USA
  • Lane's Renewit High Gloss Polish includes flip top lid for easy even application

Renewit, a professional-grade auto polish, is formulated with fine polishing agents, silicon, and polymers. This is the best car polish for removing oxidation and light paint scratches while brightening paint back to its original luster. Renewit is a thick semi-flowing auto polish that cleans polishes and brightens auto paint. Our auto polish works best in conjunction with a buffer on all colors, clear coat safe. With dark colored autos taking a beating from the sun, restore the original paint color with Renewit.

Auto Polish is the first step in the waxing process.

Why should I polish my auto? Polishes will lay the foundation for the waxing process. Auto polish cleans your paint and minimizes or eliminates paint imperfections. By using auto polish, you are shining and smoothing the paint surface and preparing for your car waxing step. People often overlook the importance of polishing their auto. Remember, the next time you set out to give your auto the ultimate shine don’t exclude the first step of polishing. Pick up a bottle of Lane's Renewit High Gloss Polish and minimize water spots, and light paint scratches, restoring your paint to a showroom shine!


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