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Super Dyno Engine Cleaner

Super Dyno Engine Cleaner

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  • Super Dyno engine cleaner quickly removes grease, oil and grime
  • Heavy-Duty fast acting penetrating cleaning strength
  • Keeps engine free from dirt and debris that causes corrosion
  • Used by auto detailers and car dealerships
  • Made in USA
  • Lane's Super Dyno includes sprayer for easy even application

Cleaning your engine is important for vehicle maintenance. Lanes provides a professional engine cleaner designed to save you time, while cleaning your engine safely and effectively.

The majority of people will never look under the hood unless their car breaks down. Overtime your engine compartment will become covered in dust and soiled grease. The good news is with proper engine cleaning, you will be able to detect fluid leaks, oil leaks and belt cracking. Cleaning your engine with Lane's Super Dyno will be a breeze. The next time you are thinking about detailing your car, remember the most important step is cleaning your engine.

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