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Super Seal Paint Sealant

Super Seal Paint Sealant

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  • Super Seal Paint sealant
  • Ultimate paint protection from UV rays and harsh weather
  • Durable protective layer that last for 6 months
  • Polymer sealant coating final sealant step for paint correction
  • Spreads evenly with no residue
  • Safe for all clear coat paint finishes can be used by hand or machine
  • Made in USA
  • Lane's Super Seal Paint Sealant includes a flip top lid for easy even application

Super seal paint sealant will provide your paint with a deep gloss shine and protection that last for 6 months! This wax sealant can be easily applied by hand or machine and is formulated with UV blockers that will protect your paint finish from harsh weather conditions.

This polymer sealant spreads evenly upon application and is formulated to provide your paint with a durable layer of protection, extending paint life while providing a deep gloss shine. Super seal is safe for all clear coat paint finishes and is the final step when it comes to a sealant paint correction. Pick up a bottle of Lane's Super Seal and give your paint the protection it deserves!

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