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Foamy Upholstery Brush Kit

Foamy Upholstery Brush Kit

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  • Great For Carpets and Upholstery
  • Safe For All Fabric Surfaces
  • Makes Cleaning Seats Easy
  • Clean Seats and Carpet Can Increase Your Vehicle’s Value
  • Used By Professional Detailers

There are few surfaces that take as much beating as your vehicle’s upholstery. We sweat on it, sit on it, step on it, and even eat and drink on it. It is no wonder that your car’s upholstery looks dirty and worn. Cleaning your car upholstery can be a time-consuming and frustrating job.

Using Lane’s professional upholstery cleaner and brush will remove annoying stains and in turn will have your car smelling fresh. To remove unwanted stains, spray Foamy Upholstery on your car’s upholstery. After a few minutes, scrub the stain with the Upholstery Brush. Wipe clean with a dry towel. If the stain persists repeat the process.

Instructions for Lane’s Foamy Upholstery Kit:

Use Lane’s Foamy Upholstery Cleaner and Upholstery Brush to clean all fabric surfaces in your vehicle including seats, carpets, and floor mats.

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