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Lane's Specialized Tire & Wheel Kit

Lane's Specialized Tire & Wheel Kit

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Introducing the Tire & Wheel Care Kit, which includes Lane's Black & White Tire Cleaner, the most potent bleach cleaner that attacks dirt and grime on tires, making cleaning effortless.

The kit also contains Lane's Super Blue Tire Gloss, Lane's Safe Wheel, and Lane's New Aluminum - the most effective wheel cleaner on the market today.

This universal package is the ideal solution for protecting your tires and wheels.

Instructions for Lane's Specialized Tire & Wheel Kit:

Use Lane's Safe Wheel chrome wheel cleaner to clean chrome, polished, painted, and powder coated wheels. 

Use Lane's New Aluminum wheel cleaner for aluminum wheels. 

Use Lane's Black & White Tire Cleaner to completely remove all dirt and grime from your tires. 

Use Lane's Super Blue Tire Shine to dress your tires after cleaning and drying.  

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